Youth, Family and Adult Camps

Christian Science Practitioners

IN NEED OF PRAYERFUL HELP? Check out The Online Directory of Christian Science Practitioners

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Nursing Facilities

Worldwide Directory of Christian Science Nursing Facilities


Christian Science Visiting Nurse Services

Retirement and Assisted Living Facilities

Retirement and Assisted Living Facilities

Locate a Christian Science Church or Reading Room in your area

Christian Science Lectures

Current Lecture Schedule |Archive of over 200 lectures | Video lectures, full-length and clips on YouTube channel.

Christian Science Chaplaincy Program

For decades there have been Christian Science Military Chaplains serving in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. Their responsibilities include ministering to Christian Scientists on active duty, providing guidance and prayer for all military personnel and conducting nondenominational worship services. Read more info

Christian Science Organizations

Each Christian Science Organization (CSO) is unique, but they’re connected by a common desire to bring healing to campus issues and make the ideas in Christian Science more accessible to their campus communities.

Locate a CSO at colleges and universities worldwide

Committee on Publication

Committees on Publication throughout the world provide accurate information about Christian Science to the public. Click here

Committees on Institutional Work

Committees on Institutional Work offer healing and the regenerating truths of Christian Science to those in government-sponsored institutions, i.e. jails, prisons, correctional institutions, work camps, juvenile facilities, and VA facilities and mental hospitals. Learn more

Primary Class Instruction

Christian Science Primary Class Instruction is a two-week course in spiritual healing, designed by Mary Baker Eddy for those who have been inspired by the ideas in her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, and who have a heart-felt desire to help others through prayer.

Links to Christian Science sites

Links to sites maintained by the Christian Science Church and organizations supportive of The Mother Church.

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