Search The Christian Science Journal listings

The Christian Science Journal lists the most updated records for each branch church and society. On this page you will also find current information for practitioners and nurses.
After you click on the picture below, enter the city or state.  Correct spelling of the city is required.  For instance, Carefree-Cave Creek will work for the city, but Carefree alone will not.
Additional information to locate a practitioner, reading room, Committee on Publication and college organization is available by following the same procedure and scrolling further down the page.
Current information for teachers of Christian Science, who are also practitioners, is available when you click on the picture below.

Click on the picture to access The Christian Science Journal listings

Click the picture above to find a church, reading room, teacher, practitioner or nurse


2 thoughts on “Search The Christian Science Journal listings

    1. Members of my church encourage everyone in the church to follow the law re: child care and vaccinations. Naturopathic medicine would be an individual choice without comment. Though all regimes of medicinal practice contradict our practice of a prayer-based, spiritual healing, sometimes the prayer leads you to take foot steps to the best person, who can help you i.e. friend, practitioner of Christian science, MD physician, veterinarian, masseuse. It is the expression of love to help someone or yourself.

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