Christian Science Broadcasting – JSH-Online, telephone-accessible programs, and church services


Hear the latest programs (Sentinel Watch, Sentinel Audio Chats, Journal podcasts, News of healing, MBE mentioned them) JSH Web-Audio, read or listen to the Journal, Sentinel and Herald articles.

You can listen on the telephone to the Sentinel Watch program any time by calling (602) 200-7002

Click here for a list of Sentinel Watch programs and topics.

Phoenix Metro

Heraldo en Español call any time (602) 200-7003

Sentinel Watch Program call any time (602) 200-7002

Click here for weekly Christian Science programs on various topics.

Online Sunday and Wednesday services

You may listen online to Sunday church services and Wednesday meetings from The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts, every Sunday and Wednesday afternoon.

Weekly Bible Lesson phone line

from the Christian Science Quarterly

Phoenix Metro


Call any time, it’s there every day at your convenience. This multiple user phone service allows you to listen to the Bible Lesson when you want to or need it the most! Simply dial the number above and follow the message prompts. The service allows listeners to “dial in” to specific sections of the lesson. If you want to listen to section 3, you’ll push “3” while the lesson is running. If you want to listen to the entire lesson from start to finish, you’ll press “1”.

Download/print the Joint Committee Program and Schedules Arizona CS Broadcasting programs

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