Bible Study

This resource directory is provided for your in-depth Bible study, research and preparation for Sunday School classes and should be considered a valuable resource for any denomination. Many people studying the weekly Christian Science Bible Lesson dig deep into the Bible texts and word study. These links are provided for this study. If you have other favorites you’d like for us to consider adding, please e-mail us with the URL and reference. Links listed here do not reflect any endorsement of the site or authoring organization nor do they indicate sites necessarily compatible with Christian Science philosophy. The user should draw his/her own conclusions to the usefulness of each specific reference. For the complete statement of Christian Science, we recommend that you read about Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy.

NOTE: some of the items below can be found at multiple sites and we have listed them from all sources as you may like one more than another.

Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha (17 links)

Aramaic Studies (9 links) Aramaic – the language Jesus spoke

Audio Bibles (36 links) listen to the Bible from your computer in 24 languages

Bible Commentaries (68 links)

Bible Concordances (15 links)

Bible Dictionaries (13 links)

Bible Encyclopedias (9 links)

Bible History and Timelines (25 links)

Bible Illustrations / Photo Collections of Biblical Land (10 links)

Bible in a Year (12 links) several programs presented here offer the reader the opportunity to read the entire Bible in a year

Bibles in Languages other than English (187 links) (online Bible texts in 70 languages!)

Bible Maps (17 links)

Bible Study Sites (major) (20 links)

Bible Timelines (25 links)

Bible Time Period Background and Context (167 links)

Bible Translations (167 links)

Christian Science Bible Lesson (19 links)

Dead Sea Scrolls (9 links)

Early Church Fathers (7 links)

Interlinear Study Bibles (3 links)

Large Print Bible Resources (28 links)

Parallel Bibles (13 links)

The Lord’s Prayer (7 links)


Dictionaries and Thesauri (11 links)

Encyclopedias (8 links)

Lexica (10 links)

Word Pronunciation (2 links) audio


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