First Church of Christ, Scientist Scottsdale

6427 E. Indian School Road

2 thoughts on “First Church of Christ, Scientist Scottsdale

  1. I have asked multiple times for your church to be mindful of your neighbors. Once again I was woken up before 7am to the loud noise of a chainsaw. I work full time and go to school so any sleep I can get helps. I have videos of this going on before 7am and it’s not even hot out. Last time I spoke with someone I was treated with rudeness and ignored. Please work with me on this situation so I don’t have to take further steps in the course of noise complaints. I hope we can handle this in a neighborly fashion. I would appreciate some sort of response from you.

    Thank you for your time,

    Resident of Scottsdale 5th Ave Apts

    1. Hi Megan, I hope you found a remedy for this early morning shock? Your place nearby those trees that are closest to the apartments. I attend the down town Phoenix church but occasionally attend the 1st Scottsdale branch. At the meeting between churches tomorrow night, I will mention your issue to the rep from that church. She is very gracious and will let people know what happened.
      Warmly, Stan

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